About Kara

Tadot Founder

Love of traveling was instilled in me at a very young age. My parents loved to road trip and took our family all over the country. All along the way we would stop and visit historical sites and experience new things. These road trips are some of my favourite childhood memories. 

However, traveling with children can be very hard. There is definitely a learning curve. After a lot of trial and error and a lot of meltdowns, I learned how to plan our vacations so that we could simply show up and enjoy. Eventually, our trips were so well planned that there was almost no stress and we started to have some of our most significant bonding experiences while traveling.

In order to provide the best travel experiences for families, I have sought education through the travel industry’s reputable trade associations and currently pursuing my Masters degree in Travel and Tourism through Temple University, Go Owls!

When I started college, I began to travel a little bit on my own and continued exploring new places with my husband once I was married.  After having children, it became evident to me that I want to give my children experiences and memories more than I want to give them things or toys. I want them to see different places, different cultures, and grow their world. Most important, I want to share the experience of growth and discovery with them.  

Once my youngest became school age, I underwent a process of soul-searching and introspection as I considered the next phase of my life. After much contemplation, I realized that I love planning vacations and want to give the gift of stress-free, family-strengthening vacations to others. I’ve become passionate about helping families experience the world together and build memories that will last a lifetime.